Relief again

Not long ago threats were bolstered,
Their eyes looming with danger signs,
Now the storm has passed without harming both shores,
Due to the process India and China both have relief again.

Not long before howls were racked,
Dragon’s teeth bared so were tiger to kill,
The hunt of packs didn’t take place for goodwill of both,
Now India and China can have sighs with relief again.

They are back to speaking terms,
Though conspiracies are not settled,
The Relief again is for the sake of existence of lives,
Although by their behaviour the trust of international community did shattered.

They are back to their high trade subways,
Though pondering, planning and back wounds are not heeled,
The relief again seep over those who live in both countries as citizens,
Yet the ruling parties are disturbed who actually wish everything to peel…


nicely penned brother…


Nice thoughts


Beautifully penned

thanks a lot

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