It’s not the first time
We are here to dine
Neither it is the last
We both have a manic inside
As seen in the past

Isn’t that why we are here ?
Trying to make it right
Us hoping the inevitable never happens again
Could be a willing oversight?

I cannot say for sure
The number of the glass you are holding
You scold me as I light another
Our hypocrisy is showing

For a while we don’t talk
Simply look around at other tables
That have more life and food
And the people like seen in fables

There is a man in a group
You say he is mocking us
I only care if you noticed the pretty girl out there
Not what any other man says or does

Like I feared, you start lamenting
of the latest in your crazy family
I’m all ears my dear, all ears
But my eyes , I must say sadly

Long envisioned
A prince who will catch my tears
But himself will always smile
My pauper, It never felt exciting with you
But why this comfort is the best I had in a while

I should stop fitting you in unrealistic fantasies
Or maybe our moment is on the way?
Or maybe this is just how we are meant to be?
Things will get better, still I say

Then my favourite moment comes
The time we talk about music and movies
Undoubtedly an escape in our lives
Just that you like acoustic, I like groovy

This is the only time we forget what we have in hand
When we truly are in the present
The only part of our conversations
till death , we will never resent

Our hands don’t take long to remind the reality we are holding
Your lips touch the glass again, mine coat in tar
I know we both think
Let them for now stay far

We are saving their reconciliation for tonight
I’m sorry for what they said and what they will
But tonight they reconcile
Reconcile, they will


Beautifully written. :heart::heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz, keep penning your words down. :heart:

Wonderfully written
Welcome to @yoalfaazfamily

beautiful dear…
welcome in yoalfaaz family @Vasudha_Bhandari

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