Recognise them once more

Our childhood was never without their absence, though they are not seen so easily anymore- Save Sparrows or their vitality in ecosystems shall be lost forever…



thanks ma’m

Now that something different and good.
I personally am fond of pets.
Plus I love animals, dogs are my favourite and best friends.
Every animal is special and beautiful. Your post to preserve them is nice. Plus
I thank you my friend @saurabhpant94 to write on this topic.

You said it right brother. I remember a decade ago there were a lot of sparrows in Delhi but nowadays I can’t even spot one. On the other hand, last month I visited Mathura and I was amazed by number of sparrows I saw there.
The way urban cities are polluting their environment, this problem is going to get even bigger.

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thanks for ur appreciation, i shall write more on creatures here soon.

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thanks Gurjyot bro for ur concern also.

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