Reading and writing

Some stories are fun to read
Read them and you will be amused
Diverted at all of the apt words
Words that have been used

Other poems are long
Long and tell a story
A story that can scare
Scare you because they’re gory

Some poems are full of emotion
Emotion from the soul
A soul that is set out to inspire
Inspire others is its goal

Others are simply to get rid
Rid of the pain inside
Inside your heartaches
Aches of the tenderness you can’t hide

There are some for the one
One you like the most
Most likely to love the person
A person so beautiful you may boast

There are different types of poems
Poems , Stories for fun and to express
Express it by writing it
It may lead to progress


damn :orange_heart:

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Thank you so much :hugs: sweetie

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