Raise your voice please

Go, Woman, Go

On your ruby lips, dance words, that lay buried,
Speak! Speak about all that smothers you,
The boundaries that your mind has carved around you,
Plead with you to transgress them.
Amongst the layers of clamour and noise,
Go woman, find your voice.

Generations of patriarchy have stifled,
The sparks of brilliance, that once shone through,
your exuberant self.
Rediscover your mojo, amidst the ashes of time.
After a long time today, your spirit buoys,
Go woman, find your voice.

Let the flame of your love
Be bright enough to ignite your deepest desires.
It’s time to unleash the power underneath your fragility.
There’s courage roaring beneath your inherent poise,
Go woman, find your voice.

The world waits with bated breath,
For you to take it by storm.
Expectant eyes look at you,
With hopes and beliefs galore.
The sun shines on you with all its glory,
It’s time now to swirl and abandon all that is redundant.

Stand tall today, against all your own ploys,
Go woman, find your voice!


Right from the first line to the last. It’s just commendable :ok_hand:



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Thank you so much :hugs:

Thank you so much :hugs: sweetie