Rains, how they bring the calm so quick
For some it’s a chance of reading,
For some it’s a romantic and healing…
A few say the rain is depressing,
Is it really that so?
Or do we just realize things better
when we are put in surroundings that matter…
What rain is for you,
depends on the mood,
But a cup of coffee out
in the rain won’t hurt…
Sitting in a nook, with a glass of wine
Tell me better things than this to combine,
Is it really the rains,
Or is it just us looking for an excuse,
To let out all the things,
we hold in for too long,
Rains, just giving us a space that our heart needs.


Yeah, always! :cloud_with_rain::blue_heart:

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Beautifully penned… :heart:

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Thank you :blush:

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