Cuts of steel
Smiling in masculine
Grace of lipstick flying high in the azurine
Bountiful hopes lurches within a rainbow
Custard of life in glorious show
Springfield decor lurches in my heart of
Canopy of smile with frivolous glee
Emboldened embrace, an aura divine
Cutting the edge in the ripples of the lake, a delicious florentine
Clandestine capers spooning the heart of famine
Prowling nights with hues of jasmine
Splashing aches whirling fables
The gleam of twilight setting ravels
Shuffling dawn in golden gleam
Smiling rainbow with courageous beam ©®Soumen Roy 1.6.2021 All Rights Reserved



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Thank you with regards and gratitude

Wow you choose wise words :clap:t5::heart:

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Thank you so much with deepest gratitude and respect