Today I am here
Only because of thee;
You have survived
Every clash and heartache
To see me glee.
Mom, you never did
Put your love into words for me,
But you have uncovered
Your love and warmth on a platter,
To let me see.

You have always been
The source of my strength,
I have learned to dream
Through your eyes’ wavelength.
Mom, you never did
Let me know your pain and agony,
But you have always crypted your tears
Behind your smile truly flawlessly.

You have always
Offered me the best;
You have always kept all your promises.
Mom, you never did
Let me feel alone,
But understood my every word
Left unspoken
And never let me moan.

Today I miss your love and warmth mom;
Today I really miss the soothing touch
Of your adorable palm.
Today I miss the way
You used to call me
By my sweet nickname,
Today I really miss
All those capricious,
I had had you to claim.

Mom, you shouldn’t have
Left me alone so early,
Mom, please come back to me
And embrace me lively.
I promise
Not to let you go any further,
'Cause I know,
Although you are out of my sight,
You are still my bestfriend
And my truest and unconditional lover.


Wonderful post
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Woww, what a beautiful composition. :heart:

Wow, great post. :heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz, hope to see more of your works. :heart: