Princess of fate

Princess of Fate

sonnets from my heart (1)
hey! thou world!
See, i am not bruised or
Though my soul is scorched by
your dazzling sun,
but you see i ain’t brunt.
My hardnose spirit carry my
fulgent crown.
'Coz i am not novice to your
World you will not see me crawl,
you’ll see me trying to walk.
My spine is throbbing
and this one ounce ‘belief’ can
make you fearful.
World,coz i am the princess of
my fate.
The pixie who carries flimsy
wings on fire.
If you kill ,i am the saviour of
My heart has gut to listen to my
Your sluggish feet moved to
my altar but my sanctum of
soul is locked up.
See i am nonchalant to your
ways and i am plunged into my
thoughts .
Ain’t you ally my pain of
wounds, though i refrain your
So i forsake ,i surrender my
fears this time.
And now i am pure,calm,vacate
soul like spring water.
A epitone figure this clock!
I embrace your flames to
quench my thirst.
I stride every time to cross this
So listen my croaky ,roundely
sounds of my dawn…
For my sun shall shine soon.
I am not pissed off.
I am just not over.
I am just ready to move on 'coz
i am princess of my fate.
©Kavita verma