Pride & Prejudice

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy
With Pride & Prejudice.
Fallen in love,
Without their acknowledge,
Because love happens,
Just like that.
Lots of misunderstandings took place,
And you both twisted in them,
Without asking the confusions,
You build house of prejudices.
But with the phase of time,
You found your vibes in.
Not because you were proud,
But you were in love.
Her absense kills you,
& Presence fills you.
Your aesthetic love,
Flourishing her soul.
Prejudice once shining,
Pride was arising.
Prejudice faded away,
Pride danced together.

Hey, Jane Austan
Thank you for writing beauty of insecurity, vanity, misconceive, stupidity, love, in such a spelldid way in “Pride And Prejudice”.

Your writing are always been very fascinating but this one taught a lot about our Pride which sometimes leads us to unfavorable pathways.

This piece of literature is a proper blend of Pride and prejudice. One should not prejudice about anyone on behalf of just one perception, because from my life experiences I learnt that we cant judge someone through one aspect. Will be required different aspects to know someone better otherwise we would judge rumours.

-Ritti :wilted_flower::sparkles:

P.S. - Its a Novel written by Jane Austan, and a movie too.



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