Press confrence before Official European Poetry championship award ceremony

It is great to see when so many people circle around you shouting your name in a place far away from your country and welcoming you in such a foreign land that heartens your mood and lifestyle.
Sinaia is a great place located in romania and it represents a very powerful culture who’s part all people wish to be if get proper chance and you don’t want to miss out.
In such procession, I got the invitation to be part of European Poetry Championship award ceremony back in april 2019 and here I am enjoying it’s relishing joy before all formalities go on for such a great prestigious 2 day ceremony to come and make it’s grand effect.

The 2 day award ceremony has to begin from 1400 hours on 4th of May 2019 and shall carry on till 1800 hours, 5th of May 2019, Thus I felt great to have a press confrence before I get chance to be part of such memorable proceeding.
It is in my nature to get ready for cultural delight and I wasn’t going to miss out in such great atmosphere looming forward.
Though like always I get support from some great people including parents and family back home, my readers across the world, and also people who have gathered to go through the press confrence at University of bucharest.
And hence it was great to go on with such cultural grace by such lovely support altogether.

Here It was my chance to explain value of such platform.
Such good questions were asked by those who have come as part of it about my recent creative works.
I was also asked about my last time experience back from October 2018 where I did take part in World Poetry championship award ceremony.
And ultimately the response of my books from University of Bucharest including ‘Balcan Cries’ and ‘Skys of Scars’ were brought into limelight which was all great feeling to go through realising how much people know about my efforts altogether.

During the press confrence I answered these questions according to people’s expectations, Showed that in what way these platforms have been effectively great for a visually impaired author like me, And at last explained the impetus of both books with gratitude to all that was pleasing to those who have come there to listen out.
It was a great experience and it was made more gratifying by the officials of the University of bucharest who shortly falicitated with a medal on my contributions as a writer from India and informed at the end of press confrence about the value of Indians to Romania which was a delightful moment.
After a short refreshment, great smiles all along and thank you note to the press people It has ended at last and let’s hope all things go great for me as a poet in this European poetry championship award ceremony, Thanks a lot to all of you for your blessings and support…


Feeling proud! :blush:

We all are proud

thanks a lot to all for ur love and support that makes me better. more updates on award ceremony soon.

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