Poetic Imagica

Yes, I was a depressed soul…
A Soul of the dark ages of my life.
Depressed because of the incessant atrocities of the past…
Depressed because of the ferocious Crusader like social beings …,
Who have done huge massacre of the millions of enthusiastic hearts.
I was depressed because of the sycophantic society venerating self-made heroes…
I was depressed because the advancement in technology and science had assassinated the essence of Artistry.
The tug of war between two creative minds of distinctive fields, who fight for establishing their own hegemony over the realm of Academics.
There is a bifurcated fallacy of thoughts, harmony is far far away. And peace treaty is unthinkable. The creature with the greatest intellect have transformed into a four-limbed competing beast, who in order to satiate his/her desire, have abandoned the message of Sympathy and Love. How heartless and humorless men have become on the behalf of a delusional mad race of success with short term goals . With rational brain, the Logical thinking being has forgotten the simplistic philosophy of Love and affection. Creativity is now in the endangered condition. And then some people gather to protect it …, And the previous depressed Soul transmigrates into a new creative body and entitled itself as the “Poetic Imagica”, the imaginations of the people with enthusiastic hearts, and those whom the society hesitate to accept. “It emerged as the Messiah of creativity, art and literature”… Collaborating with the technology and holding the torch of modernism, it had provided us “A Renascita of Creativity”. And just like a Monk Vivekananda, it gave us the clarion call "write, write, write, O my beloved companion, until the Illumination of literature enlightened the whole cosmos, write Oh! wizards and enchantress of words with your magical lexicon until the agony of the past got washed away, write to break the stereotypes of the society, write to bring Renaissance in the thoughts of victimized brains, stop not until you reach the gates of death …, Serve all, Love all …, do unconditional service to mankind,
Be a true social being my beloved poets and poetess "

#dedicated to Poetic Imagica

  • Shaheer Rafi!

Your posts are very interesting to read. And you have good control over different writing types which is great. :clap:

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