Ploys to come

With all hot blood quietened through tact’s,
By virtue of great brains and men,
A certain hope circle amongst India and China,
It will all be settled through ploys to come.

With all anger ebbing away in feelings,
By virtue of great assurances and decisions,
A shimmer of gleam is certainly visible between India and China,
It all shall be concluded with ploys to come.

Now talks will be arranged across tables,
Negotiations of complex pattern should be verified,
India-China relations are certainly going to be better soon,
It is the eye by which countrymen thinks of ploys to come.

Now welcome parties, throws in and perceptions will be arranged,
Jubilation for the diplomatic assurances should be confirmed,
India-China relations are certainly going to smile their ghost-smile soon,
It is all what we have with understanding as ploys to come…


I Appreciate Your Help!

Great. :heart: