Pen pencil


The Pencil and The Pen
Said the Pencil to the Pen,
“I do not know why or when
People follow you from the pot:
You are only familiar to blot.”
“You need vigorous sharpening –
A very narrow mindedimages%20(2) and common thing!”
Replied the Pen in its defence,
“And I do not,” she said, “and hence,
“I am the much more useful tool,
And you appear such a fool
With a rubber on your end:
It must be your only friend!”
The Pencil cried, “What is your gift?
I am the suited tool of thrift,
As you’ve the hidden cost of ink.
Expense is not a charm, I think.”
“But you get shorter with your age,
And you will often scratch the page.”
Said Pen, but Pencil butted in,
“You are fat and I am thin.
“And I am hexagon in form,
So when I want to become warm,
I simply huddle with my pack:
We fit together in a stack.
“And as to writing scratchily,
You do also, actually.
Proper paper doesn’t rent,
And my end never could be bent.”
Said Pen, “I have a solid cap,
It’s very useful, my good chap,
It keeps me very clean and new
So I cannot break, unlike you.”
“Ah!” Cried Pencil, “I see a flaw,
When you break, you’re used no more,
But I, my dear, can be sharpened,
To have a fresh sharp pointed end.
“The writing I produce,” said Pen
“Is permanent, what then?
Your hard-earned scrawl can be rubbed out,
So I’m worth more than you, no doubt.”
Said Pencil, “You are soon to blot,
And so produce an ugly spot,
But any error made by me
Can easily be changed, you see.”
But Pen said, “You ca’n’t have a brain,
To need to write it out again,
But when neatness is the call,
You only write untidy scrawl.”
But Pencil said, “For goodness’ sake,
If you contrive to make mistake,
You must start to scribble it out,
The whole thing’s ruined about.”
“Your lead is very dull and grey –
A sight to fill one with dismay.”
The Pen declared in tones outright,
“But my nib is always shining bright.
Pencil then began to speak,
“Your ink is very prone to leak,
And so create a horrid mess –
It is incontinence I stress.”
The Pen and Pencil bicker such:
They’re never quiet very much,
But they’ve no right to disagree,
By me they are used equally.


powerful poem for sure

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