Trying to check my email today

I sit at my computer when I

Suddenly feel shards and rays

Up from my feet sharply pry

I rush for my pills to stop the awash

Of pain that I had not expected

It came on so fast that I was tossed

Into agony so deep it was never suspected

It seems to get worse day after day

Though meds I’ve been given

Docs don’t have the guts to try and assay

The horrid world of pain that I live in

It seems new guidelines have been set

That keep docs from treating chronic pain

But their families won’t feel bad I bet

They’ll have relief from going insane

While the rest of us must try and go on

With our horrible lives forever

I wonder if life’s worth this dreadful song

Should I try and pursue this vain endeavor

Truly in Christianity I sincerely believe

And have paid all my many dues

I ask God this painful condition to relieve

But so far all my prayers are refused

Nor for pity do I beg of you

But what is the right answer

Must I endure such a life untrue

I would rather just die of cancer


You are an inspiration