Ours to Hours

Ours to Hours!

The garden was ours,
It had a tree with flowers,
Every day we pour in it our love,
Even the nest in it was of a dove.

Little by little it became huge,
So big that it could give refuge,
We both were happy for it,
We both made it such fit.

And day by day it only grew,
Once came a foreigner’s crew,
They spend some time under it,
They threw some spoilers near it.

The next day we came, we didn’t saw,
We pour our love near it’s muddy paw,
But the roots started to rot from a side,
It started smelling and now it can’t hide.

We noticed this but we blamed each other,
And little by little the tree started to bother,
Now it was only me to pour love,
The nest was empty of that dove.

And when that ours died for it,
The end of hours came near it,
That tree is now just a memory,
Which had the love of our jury!
-Alveera Hafeez