Our saviors in white coats,
Your faces covered with masks,
Covered fully from head to toe,
You work that way for such long hours!

We know very well who you are,
It’s only you, who can save us,
From this deadly Corona Virus,
And bring us back to good health!

You are all working so selflessly,
Leaving your families behind,
Just to take care of mankind,
Kudos to you all from our side!

We love you and adore you,
We can see God in you,
We can see life in you,
We can see our good health in you!

We need to protect your tribe,
As without you all,
Everything is lost,
Who will take care of the sick?

Be courageous and face the days,
God give you the strength to work hard,
Protect yourselves and take care,
As we need you always for our sake!

Pray these hard times will pass soon,
And you have your leisure too,
To enjoy life with your near and dear,
We will remember these days with gratitude!

Jacqueline Lobo John


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Lovely written! :heart:

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