Our love @ darkness

I live inside the darkness while you swim within the light.
Naught but luck break us two as does the day and night.
This lack of light upon my soul is what gives yours its shine;
without it, no divide would be and your light would be mine.

I covet not and understand the roots from which you came

  • that maybe our two paths would cross, if our roots were the same
    and grew in such a place wherein I prospered 'neath the sun;
    yet darkness is a fickle fiend whose light will shine on none.

To know my place in night but still to dream of such a day
is never wise for all the time spent dreaming life away.
I live inside the darkness but I envy you, my friend,
for light is life, while in this darkness I will meet my end.


that’s awesome :star_struck:
nice post again @Twisha_Ray
and i’m too in your fan list from now :wink:

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Hehehe thank you so much :hugs:

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