Our long journey in life

“These little things—they might look so small, but even one second is more than enough to change your entire life, or your perspective towards life. You see, these little things are not so little. Every bit of them matters.”

“Do we matter? Now when I am lying beside you, there are questions that are haunting me. Do we matter? Will we ever matter?”, he asks.

I hug him tight.

“What’s your favorite word?”, I asked him.

“Saudade. I read it on a certain magazine and fell in love with the beauty of the word. What’s your favorite word?”

“Comet. I feel like I am a comet. Crashing down faster, not caring about my destination. And then suddenly disappearing into nothingness, burning and dying.”

“Why would you never let someone love you?”, he asks.

“Because I am a difficult person to live with. I might destruct you and that scares me.”

"But don’t we all deserve someone who would love us even after knowing that we are a danger?

You shouldn’t stop people from loving you. Never. You know why? Because you might be thinking that you are protecting their heart and your innocence, but you are turning a little colder by each day.

Stop trying to control things, and everything will magically fall in place.

We are all hopes until we die. We live a new life everyday. Don’t decide the way you want people to stay in your life because we are all travelers but each one of us has a home. I won’t promise you years, but I can promise you a number of infinities and forevers. That’s what I can afford."

“And how long is a forever or infinity?”, I ask.

"Sometimes, it’s just three seconds and sometimes, it’s a lifetime.

But we humans, we are lucky even if love touches us for a second and leaves at another. We try so hard to not get hurt, but we will. And there are so many things that can go wrong, but we cannot know when things can go right. And you can doubt every single thing in the universe, but to trust and love without fear—that, my darling, is hard.

So, would you ask questions and find reasons to fly away, or would you stay?"

I realize it’s time for a leap of faith.


I feel the same… Ur words are now wanting me to change myself :sparkling_heart:


Truth of our journey…
Felt loved :slight_smile::slight_smile:


This❤️ Love❤️


See you change for the better only else keep smiling


:grin::see_no_evil:thank you

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