One year to Decisions of Heart completes

Some moments give you joym, make you feel you do exist and they are such pride moments which you can cherish to be part of when they come again and again in your life.
It was same for Mr. pant when back on 11th of october 2018 his ebook globally on Lulu ‘Decisions of heart’ was officially revised and it was made available.
It was some moment sharing it back with his global mentor Nick sir, sharing the word with his team mates including Priya madam and others, and hence 11th of October 2018 was a happy feeling that his work has been accepted and has been brought to the world as a romantic poetry in it’s own global way and style.

The work was a romantic piece of work published officially on 11th of October 2018 on Lulu in form of Ebook and has thence completed on this 11th a complete one year which expands the author’s smile and brings some glorious moment in his mind when he think of the time flown from the past when the work had come first.
It is a work of poetic effort, the author has been involved in ample time to plan it well, and completing 1 year means a lot for him which is a real joy.
Though the work has done well across borders what the author feels that as a romantic poetry he still has to make mor remarks and ‘Decisions of heart’ as an ebook was a start from where he can take inspiration and create more in the field of romantic poetry for the love of all who enjoy the works of such genre around.

What this work focuses that it has poems on lost love and it’s broken pangs where the author expresses the pain and loosing of someone loved from bottom of heart and how it affects the social life.
There are poems that covers the power of serious hatred where the lost love’s punishment is regularly considered by one who loved the other in deep and remourse seems suspended for indefinite time.
There are also poems that explains to calm a person who has lost his or her love and how he or she should find redemntion if there would be and in what way it can be achieved.
And ultimately it is a work of lot of poetic influence expressed for love and completing of 1 year of it being in the international market with great response from all the readers make it a real joy to celebrate the completing of the ear of it being in existence.

In this way Mr. pant is extatic to find it completing one year, want to gratitude all including parents and family, author team both in Mumbai offices and online, all the supporting staff behind the scened and all the readers in the globe who has made the work fascinating by giving it their own time and value and he hopes for more impact of the work around.
All Mr. pant expects that it is not the end of the work and more readers would come and shall enjoy the work that is easily available for download and can be purchased on some stores as well which will make it’s joy more great when the new year shall come.
Till more such work come, the author focuses more on romantic poetry and it’s facids of love, for now all he expects to have joy for completing of 1 year and till the more works come as it is said It’s cheers to charlie and Happy reading to all at large…

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