One year to Asian winds from Lulu

This book is a vivid piece of work by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was first published as Paperback on Poetry Ireland and later on by their approval and consent was transformed into an Ebook and got published on 15th of January 2019 on the Lulu publisher inc by great support of their digital editorial team making it a great work around.
Generally the work is a poetry collection that focuses some key topics of Asia much like they were done in Burning Asia but the poems are bit shorter in length and sends direct message to the public about the changes and challenges that lie ahead for such a vast continent like Asia.
IN recent one year the work has been greatly responded across many countries, people have given their feedbacks with 4.2 ratings in Europe, 4.3 ratings in American areas, and 4.1 ratings in Africa and Asia, and the author is pleased the way the work has been started to be associated in library catelogue where-ever Asian list of books in contextual preferences are listed which make the work a well wread and makes its presence felt in equal measures.
Thus on this day when it is going to complete one year in its totality, the author wishes his gratitude to all who supported in the book’s release, all who went through the work and gave their valuable reads, everybody across the world who have reviewed till now, and he hopes that in a new year coming for the work people will keep enjoying the same, Till more such works come in future for now it’s cheers from charlie…


Thank You For Caring!
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Thanks, will carry on.

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