Óne Year Passed...In your memories

One more year is passed,
In your memories.
Again 365 Days walked away,
In hope I would get answers.
Like 12 months jumped,
In search on unsaid questions.
Some 52 weeks gone,
In counting how I would get.
8760 hours Escaped from me,
Without giving a glance to me.
31536000 second run away,
Like they watched some ghost.

Harshit My Love,
How may I ignore your mistakes?
How I should forgot that day?
Which chased you from my life…

You are somewhere laughing,
I’m also enjoying life,
But it’s a bit emptier without you.

You entered with beautiful colours,
Converted into a lovely Rainbow,
Snatched away all my grief.

The day you left from here,
I felt I lost everything,
But you really existed in my soul.

You left with so many questions,
Get I didn’t get answers,
Yet, I’m hope to get them soon.

I’m sad but I’m strong too,
Your absence is painful,
But memories are beautiful.

I’m living in those memories,
I’m cherishing our good love,
I’m driven crazy for you,
even today too.

-Your love
Ritika :love_letter:


Beautifully written, it’s a combo of pain and positivity which is rarely found. Keep it up

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Beautiful. :heart:

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Thank you :cherry_blossom::heartbeat: