-Alveera Hafeez

The time is passing by,
The things are aging by,
The feeling meant to felt,
This pain will surely melt.

The toddler becomes a kid,
S/he grows from a tiny bit,
And from there to adolescence,
We start making some sense.

Or so we feel, the youth beneath us,
Reaching us out to hear his fuss,
Sometimes witty, sometimes foolish,
But oblivion always made us feverish.

Universe wants our attention,
Those who give, it mentions,
Those who don’t, it forgets,
From the past we know those poets.

But one day, we all will be lost,
Forgotten in those snowy frost,
No one who remembers, no one who cries,
We will be somewhere where no life lies.


Beautifully written! :heart:

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