Not Like That!

Not Like That
-Alveera Hafeez
It is not like that,
I desire to chat,
I want to spend time,
And drink the sweet lime!

But I am unable to do,
As there comes that foe,
Which loves to enchant,
Naming our love a rant!

It is not like that,
Actually I love your hat,
The way you dress,
I just can’t express!

I want to meet you near my house,
But there lie so many scouts,
Which would say bad words for you,
That I can’t listen because I love you!

Your pictures are my treasure,
They make me smile in pressure,
They make me feel like King,
Your hand should have my ring!

I love the way you are,
I won’t let you go far,
No one should come close to you,
Because then I catch a flu!

I really love you my girl,
You are my silver pearl!



Amazing to read. :heart_eyes:

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Beautifully penned

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Thanks for reading


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