Not everything is joke

Apart from our parents we all have our own type of favourite person in our life. Right?
I too had.
When I was in my 3rd standard. I had my favourite uncle. He used to fulfill all my wishes take me to parks., Buy me chocolates and play with me. He made me to bunk my school and take me to movies. Support me. Listen to me. He was more like a magical wand. Once a wish is out of my lips the next moment it was in practice.

Likely, the days passed
I still remember it was my bday. I was dressed more like a princess and was running around insearch of my magical wand i.e my uncle. I couldn’t find him so I went to first floor and there I discovered many gifts arranged in a room. While I was discovering these gifts, my uncle came from behind and shouted, " happy birthday princess". He hugged me hardly and spinner me in air. That day he surprised me like never before.

After that party, there was a large gap that we didn’t met. And the days passed.
One day my mom said. “There’s a feast at my uncles place and our family is invited. So get ready we have to leave.”
I refused to go.
Mom insisted that we have to go.
And I still refused.
Her words turned into anger. She started yelling at me.
I was v.stubborn, I argued with her.
I started speaking ill about him.
He is a bad guy.
I don’t like him.
He is a idiot.
Mom slapped me. She scolded I can’t speak disrespectful words about elders. She grabbed me n locked in a room.
Dad who was watching all these things noticed a drastic change in me.
So finally mom dad left for the feast. I stayed at grand Maa s place.
After a week. Across 4:30 pm my mom had a appointment with her doctor and she was getting late… Dad was at his 9-5 job.

Mom said, aunty is coming to stay with me. And she can be late to home. Dad will arrive till 5.
I was busy playing. I left it unheard.
The door bell rings and in some time mom left.

While I was planning with my toys. I heard a dangerous hello from behind. I was shocked. My senses stopped working. That was my uncles voice.
I immediately stood up and started running away from him. But he was faster than me. He caught me and pinned me to floor. I couldn’t evaluate what’s going on.

That day when my mom slapped me… I wanted to say that, this uncle isn’t a human. He is a monster. He used to force me to dirty things.

This 8yr old me. Wanted to shout but my words couldn’t find voice. I wanted to stop but he is stronger. I wanted to rescue myself but couldn’t unlock my hands from his grip. I wanted to run but I failed to move.

And then there was a sudden silence. Everything stopped. We heard a key entering the door knob. Door gets opened. My dad enters. I however managed to run to him. Dad shattered seeing this. Finally, I was saved.

I wish we didn’t need to talk about child abuse. I wish it never happened. But it does.
Abuse isn’t the only way to harm a child. Neglect can be as destructive.
It it’s 45% on girls then it’s 55% on boys too.
And they don’t even get a sympathy when heard.
Every soul need acceptances. Unconditional acceptance.
If we do nthg thinking abt the name of the family. Then that victim is ashamed to be the part of that family.

Children are innocent. Let’s listen to them not just hear. Bcz what they say. Not everything is a joke.
Being a parent is good. Let’s be councillors first.


Children are very simple, nice and innocent. They are kids but understand everything. When such things happens, they want someone to tell this and someone in their support. In such a case, every elder (mother, father, sister, brother) needs to understand them and should help them. They not always make fun, they are true too.

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Such incidents make me angry like real angry also make me feel disgusted for being a human… Animals are way more better then us in many aspects.


Yes sir, every parent should understand this… But often they don’t take action.

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Yes, animals are way more better than humans. Humans are now playing with innocent animals too…

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I hope this new generation which is quiet aware of these things and have started raising voice too will make better environment and upbringing for their future generations.


Hope so buddy❤️

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Most of the times our miss conception takes place, the root problem.

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I heard a lot about these kind of incidents from many of my friends and they too were too helpless to raise their voices but yeah, eventually it ended. I just wish for a little humanity around us. The world is becoming hard to live day by day, a little more.