Nomination for LAM honour

Lambert Academic Publishing is a prominent science research base platform located in Germany and when back in April 2019 Mr. Pant was able to publish 8 works on this portal as GK Science Series, they were very soon going to honour him and it was like only time when they would announce and hence in January 2020 a letter was received at Mumbai offices for Mr. Pant that he was going to be nominated for LAM honour that stands for ‘Literateur-Al-Memorial’ and hence on this date of 26th of May 2020, the award has been nominated to him after agreement within all parties, to be honoured on World Environment Day in the location to suit which is a great moment in his life for sure.
Usually this award is a yearly honour given by LAP in any German embassy across the globe of its choice for outstanding contribution in the field of scientific education and it can only be honoured once an author’s work in compile effort has made their mark for which Mr. Pant is gratified to the publisher and the Entire SP Foundation team without who’s work it might not have been possible to make an impact and expand his GK Science Series containning 8 books and complete credits goes to them for such outstanding editorial commitments, distribution and global mark helping in the nomination of such a great honour indeed.
Also Mr. Pant is deeply gratified to his parents and family for their valuable support and curiosity, Like it has been mentioned extreme gratitude to Author team in Mumbai offices and also the Online Author team, He would like to express his gratitude to all countries around the world where the PDF and Print ready material has been distributed by LAP and readers have been kind enough to go through these 8 works, and he assures all of them that the commitments would continue for which they feel rest assured and deepest of gratitude to all involved in such huge mark of success.
As far the Books titled are concerned, the 1st is known as ‘Aspired sky’ focusing Astronomy; the 2nd is titled ‘Discoveries that are known’ containing the explorations done till now in all fields of Science; the 3rd is titled ‘Human body’ focusing the Human physiology; The 4th is titled 'Life in Ocean’s focusing the Oceanics to core strength; the 5th is titled ‘Medicine’ focusing the Medical efforts done around the world; The 6th is titled ‘Plant world’ focusing Bottany to core; and 7th and 8th are both on Biology titled ‘Popular Indian creatures’ and ‘Wild Earth’ and they all represent significant Scientific commitments by author and his editorial team for which this award is going to be nominated to him as a Scientific author by German Embassy, India.
Thus the award should be honoured with an accurate amount of monetary check, An amblem shield mentioning the author’s name along side LAM symbol and the sign of German Embassy, and the place of honouring him should be chosen by agreement of both German Embassy head quarters and Mr. Pant’s team due to the urgency and arrangements amidst this corona virus situations being pandemic, but one thing is sure that this moment won’t be missed and on this world environment day it is surely going to big for him as an author, Till more further updates come by in context of ‘Literateur-AlMemorial’ come from German Embassy and honouring him becomes assured by the publisher and Embassy, for now as it is said to all it’s cheers from charlie…