No my imagination

Big big people agreed with me
even Einstein agreed
that there was no way
to use the theories
of physics and chemistry
in a way that could account
for the biological phenomenon
of love at first sight
so if you were to ask
why a girl like me
who’d always been loyal to familiarity
saw you from across the room
that night
and fell in love with
everything unfamiliar
the far from scientific reply would be
that the smell of chardonnay on you
was making my head spin faster
than a neutron star
and the hitch in your laugh
only reinforced the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic
of elegance in imperfection
and when even light wasn’t strong enough
to resist the darkness of your eyes
did you really expect me to be?
but hey,
although i never could be
half as smart as Einstein
experience has proven
better than his science experiments
that the feelings of two individuals
are never mirror images
and even if i saw you
as a living breathing
reflection of everything i dream about
i wouldn’t expect you to stay
how could i?
after all
even science has confirmed
that the stars in the night sky
i diligently pin those dreams on
died on me
many lifetimes ago.


Amazing poem…
Loved it …


Wow. :sunglasses:

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Thank you so much :hugs: sweetie pie

Hehe thank you so much :hugs: