No more your calls come

Talk to me. I mean, just talk about anything, you can tell me about everything within your mind—be it your favorite movie, how the leading man met his leading lady and what brought them back together after being apart for years; be it your favorite novel, how it tore your heart into pieces when your favorite character died, tell me again why you do not want to get attached to a specific person within a story 'cause you began to love them wholeheartedly and they will just die; be it your favorite song, how you would love to listen to it live and sing your heart out once the chorus part hits the speakers in full volume; be it your favorite things, the stars, the moon, the sun, the sky. Tell me all of these things from time to time, 'though I have memorized it already, it’s all fine.

Or speak up about the stuff about you that are still unknown to my knowledge. What makes you cry, most of the time? What tickles your heart, aside from being on my side? Would you prefer to dance under the rain, or under the falling of the twinkling dots? Do you like the sunset compared to sunrise, or it’s the other way around? Just tell me all of these things from time to time, 'cause I want to know you better, these are just part of the things that I want to do and to know about you.

Tell me stories. Sing me songs. Read me some poetries. Speak up your insights about the latest news, and I will listen attentively.

I just want to hear your voice, really—'cause it sounds like the echo of forever I will always look forward to hear, hoping that it won’t turn out to be someone’s voice I have known from the past that resonated on my ears in the future.
I want to hear it until infinity, until hereafter;

and I will never get tired of listening to it.


In love with this. :heart:

And this line. :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much :hugs: