Nightmare are dreadful things

They creep into subconscious minds

And tear at sanity’s fragile strings

Turning our thoughts to things unkind

I was a teacher of children quite small

And loved the years I spent with them

But soon after leaving teaching I recall

My nightmares started to brim

The sweet ones eyes began to glow

Within my fevered brain so fraught

Red demon light seemed to flow

From every eye that I had taught

Then even stranger thoughts assailed

As each child grew in size

It seemed to me that their fingernails

From my body sought a prize

They gouged my eyes and ripped my skin

I could not seem to escape

Although I tried to stop the din

Alas it was too late

Another time a stranger dream

Came to me late one night

It was worse than any nightmare had seemed

It caused me a sinister fright

I was in my old frame school

Twenty-five students joined me there

But one small boy had broken a rule

And slipped a gun in on a dare

We teachers never checked the hooks

Where all the schoolbags were sorted

We thought them filled with pencils and books

No weapons had ever been reported

But in this dream he took us all hostage

Then brandished the gun about

He placed in front of us a blockage

So no one could get out

With all my heart I entreated him

To let one small child go

It seemed that even the room went dim

As he looked at us row by row

At last he motioned with hands spread

That I should walk one child

Out the door and down the hall

Outs where children and parents reconciled

So one by one I went with each

Dear student held that day

Until they all had safely reached

And end to their great dismay

Then S.W.A.T. moved right in sync

And whisked that boy away

I never knew what to think

Because suddenly I was awake

I jumped up from my bed undone

And ran frightened with a scream

I grabbed a phone to cal 911

Before I realized it was only a dream

Nightmares can be ever so real

They’ll make you do strange eerie things

Nightmares always my dreams seem to steal

I wish they would all take wings



Very nicely written
Something very extraordinary
@jubshaw :clap::clap::clap: