New Blerb of Affection never dies

This book by Indian author Saurabh Pant is a fiction novel that was first published in September 2014 through support of Power Publishers located in Kolkata.
An impact novel in nature, the book generally focuses themes such as romantic ideas, cultural ethnicity, organisational aristrocracy and animal traficking that makes the book an impressive one.
A critical understanding by nature with harsh nature of dialogues, The book is a vivid piece and a great one that makes it a must read in span of time since these more than 4 years on virtual print and digital platforms.

The book’s plot is generelly set in the lap of Himalayas where certain two different organisation are trying to fight out the rights where one group is involved in serious illegal activities while other want to sort out those people in charge relative to such criminal process.
Meanwhile focusing such action thrills in the novel, it also shapes out to analyse the concept of family as an organisation, social order in question, and also has some taste of romance.
By such virtue it is a novel that speaks out the power of nature and the author has well narrated such influence in the whole novel that has 10 chapters in total explaining such concept in great length.

Ultimately it is a work that gives strong insight on Himalayan culture, a hard core creative cover up that will take you through glamour of hill politics and culture, And it is a must read piece that has been apreciated all across India helping the author establish in literature.
Being close to end touching the hearts for romance, looking out for much thriller in exhautic ways in the last lines through packed action, And giving hints that how things must be in conservation practices-
Finally the book is a well worth read and a great one for everyone to go through at large…


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