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Have you ever heard of the quote, " Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly".
Even I hadn’t heard of it. I googled it.
That smile on your face right now. Pause it till you reach the end!
I will put my efforts to make it bigger :slight_smile:
I was a very reckless kid. Either things fell from my hand. Or I fell off with things. And I loved to irritate people with poetries. One day, I reached home with a bandage on my forehead.
Mom came running to me and asked, “Now What??"
The poetic version of me replied, “Mumma, I was coming fastly so the ground kissed harshly”.
It was then that I noticed a broom stick in her hand . So before it fell on me, I ran away. Overall I was a certified “Good for nothing kid” with 0 manners. I have a habit of laughing when my inner self gets hurt. But as I was considered to be a hopeless kid, I became an introvert.
One day we went to visit our relatives. As we walked across the gate. Dad said, I forgot that sweet box in the car. I said I will get it. By then our oh-so-intelligent driver had parked the car……in mud ! Not knowing this, I crossed the road, and asked the driver to open the door. He refused. I requested again. He refused…again.

Suddenly I saw a lorry coming my way. I yelled, “just open the door. I will take the box n go”.

He still refused. While all this was happening, Dad came out, pulled me away and shouted, “I gave you one work and you can’t do even that. Go there and stand I will get the box”. Dad couldn’t see from there, that the car was stuck and that the driver didn’t allow me to get in. I was asked to get inside our relatives home… and ….just as expected……mom says “learn from your sister, see how responsible she is”.

Now I have a

To whom I was compared then, to whom I am compared now and am sure to whom I will be compared all my life

All these blended emotions of a young girl needed a lap to cry out. I decided to start maintaining a diary. But u know ……it’s sad that foodie people like me have no savings. So I stole some from my sister’s wallet. Coz she is responsible and wise and has enough savings for the two of us :smiley:

I bought a diary and started writing in poetic form. Now, those white pages turning blue was so satisfying. Exploring oneself is such a good feeling. I gathered my family and started reading out my poems with authentic excitement. My grandfather is a rtd. Principal and lecturer.
So you can calculate what type of serious person he could be. One day while I was reading out a poem,. Grandfather shouted, STOP!! And there was complete silence. He asked. Who wrote it?
Confused me answered, I wrote it.
He said. No! You aren’t capable of writing such good poetry.

This line crushed my self-esteem, my self-confidence, my self-respect.

I went back to my room. Completely shattered. In that anger, I took my book and turned it to ashes. This incident made me even more silent and I went back further into my cocoon, too scared to speak.

One day, my teacher announced a seminar in class. Every time there was a seminar, I felt like a vampire coming to suck my blood. So I started skipping school and stayed at home. Gradually, my silence started eating me from inside. Even if I somehow gathered courage to speak in public, people would say, “I don’t think u can do it”. There was no hand on my shoulder, no one to say “at least try”.

And then one day…. My responsible and intelligent sister entered my room. She asked, How is your poetry going? I said I have stopped writing. Next day there was a gift with a letter on it saying if u are passionate about something, do it. With Love. Your Sister.

There were 3 words on cover page.
“Never give up”.

That was a kick start to my journey. I started writing and couple my poems with quotations. To my utter delight and surprise, they were published in a book and that book triumphed at Vajra World Record and I became a certified writer.

Continuous writing boosted my confidence and taught me how to put words in a correct sentence. It taught me how to speak politely. Now, I started participating in speeches, in seminars. I use a simple technique to conquer my fears. Yes, I shiver on my way to stage. So I just changed the terminology of word SHIVER. With every step that I take I say to myself. STRENGTH STRENGTH STRENGTH STRENGTH!

I am often asked, How have you changed yourself?. The answer is simple, my crushed self became the fire in my heart’s furnace and that has made me a record holder today.

What if I never started writing?

Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head.

Raise the rent and Push them out. I made a commitment to myself that when I would be on my death bed, I would look back with pride and say “I did it”.

What about you?
Be that butterfly. Dare to fly with colours of achievement.


This is marvelous , very true & you are very brave too …I feel it every single word you said …
May God bless you


Thank you so much :heartpulse:. Means a lot :slight_smile::smiley:


Nicely written @7skywrites


This is just so beautiful. :blossom::heart:


This is really so well written, presented and fabricated
Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki sala apan hi bhagwan hai

Ye feeling asal me wahi hai, jo kabhi kabhi accha feel karke aati hai, or ye abhi is post ko padh kar aayi hai.
Honestly, this is marvelous. I’m so happy to have this and read.
Thank you so much
@7skywrites :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot :grin::slightly_smiling_face:

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Beautifully Penned :heart:

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