My Path To Wisdom

My path to wisdom started with my mother’s bliss,

When she took me to her womb for 10 months.

My path to wisdom evolved from the day I went to

School smilingly clutching the hand of her with my tiny


& when my teachers taught me the lessons of a

Beautiful life starts with having an open mind & a Beautiful heart, a shimmering soul & a priceless smile.

My path to wisdom is not also blind & keeps unseen

The societal issues, the staggering ethics

& the collapsing base of its years old authenticity.

My path to wisdom never follows the perception of

Inhumane activities to win any situation,

Impeachment to triumph over a weak soul

& intolerance to trample down others & establish

Our very own logic.

My path to wisdom condemns the ever increasing chaos of hatred,

& my path to wisdom protests

The totems of greed, fraudulence & misery.

My path to wisdom blooms to shower love

To all creatures,

My path to wisdom adores the urge to gain knowledge

& share that too,

My path to wisdom believes in the equality among all

The religion, caste, creed & colour,

& my path to wisdom feels elated to be spread through

The new creativity ,rekindled kindness, & enormous

Field of willpower.

Intelligence & elegance, strength & power,

Love & care, exuberance & confidence,

Concentration & acceptance, kindness & loyalty,

Such virtues concatenate my soul

& lead me to the divine path of my wisdom.



What an interesting path, your journey is. Interesting and very beautiful.
Love to see you back with awesome work @storytellersuchi :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Thank you for this constant support! Glad
:heart_eyes::heart::blush: @Ravi_Vashisth

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After a long time. :heart:
Great write up. :heart_eyes:



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@Twisha_Ray @unknown_soul thanks to both of you! Privileged!:heart_eyes::heart::pray:


It’s my pleasure