My maa

My mother’s is finding inheritance of beauty,
because I don’t want to be
and neither does she.
My mother’s legacy is not another history of violence,
because I am not
a man’s capital,
I am my birthright.
My mother’s legacy is not another dowry
or a hand-me-down.
Another manifesto of how women should behave.
For then, a legacy becomes a curse,
and I am not a curse.
My mother’s legacy is a whiplash.
A flamethrower. A game changer.
It can scream like
an assembly of pyres;
all the pyres ever jumped into
without questioning one-sided loyalty.
My mother’s legacy is a
whisper inside banned libraries,
undoing books bound so tight
their stories can’t breathe.
A legacy whose hands have held knife fights before they even dreamed of holding a pen.
My mother’s legacy to the world
is more than a pretty face.
More than a bedroom wall.
More than a marriage certificate.
More than anything you could imagine.
My mother’s legacy to the world is her anger.
Her daughter.
A daughter born raging.
A daughter who protects her name.
A daughter who cannot die.

My mother’s legacy-
is her daughter’s thoughts


Lucky is your mother to have you as a child and
One of the luckiest is you have her in your life

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It’s lovely. :heart:

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Well Penned i must say…Keep it up, more power to you and to all the moms and ladies!!:blush::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Even she’s mother of yours and everyone here whenever you need guide she’s for all

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Hey thank you so much :hugs:

:yum::yum: thank you so much :hugs:

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Thank you so much :hugs: