My journey of writings

Everyone have their own talent. Right?
Some found their and some still discovering :wink:
But for me it was simple. At my v.young age I used to do poetry(shayari) .
People used to appreciate it. They used to say. Aww, how cute. She is so young and talented.
When I reached my tenth standard. I finally decided to pen it down.

And for people foodie like me it was v.tough to save money and buy a diary. However I managed to get it. I used to sit with my diary and scribble my thoughts. I was excited. It was all new for me. Exploring myself is such a great feeling.

And one day I decided to read out my poems to my family. I stay with my grandparents and a elder siso. My grandfather is a English lecturer and principal of reputed college of his times. So he is a serious kind of person. I gathered everyone and started reading with authentic excitement.

But suddenly grandfather said, “STOP!”. He asked, “WHO WROTE THAT, I KNOW ITS NOT YOU”. I replied in shock, “I wrote it”. He said, “NO, YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF WRITING SUCH ELEGANT POEMS”.

This line literally killed my inner self.
I went back to my room. Completely shattered. In that pain I took my diary and turned it to ashes.

A week passed, my sister came to me, asked, “where’s your diary?”.

I said,. “burnt, am never gonna write again”.

She explained, “So what if someone criticized ur work. If u are passionate about it. Do it”.
She handed me a diary and left.

There were 3 words written on it. NEVER GIVE UP
I opened it, sat in my solace, and wrote a 3 letter tittle. “M A A”
From there I not only started writing poetries I also write quotations.

At first I was excited. But now am hungry, to show what am capable of.

So finally, one of my quote is published and that book has won Vajra World Record. And am I certified writer now.
And my other write ups are also selected for another books.
I took my book and showed to my grandfather.
He had only one question. HOW?

The answer is simple. My pain turned into fire. That fire made me a record holder today.

Imagine what if I’d never have started writing again.

Definitely people will shower negative comments.
So let’s just put a off button to that section. And focus on ourselves. Bcoz, it’s you who matters at the end.

And guess what my grandfather said.



this is so satisfying and awesome to read
i just love it

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You simply rocked it. :heart: Keep the spirit high like this always and everyone is going to cherish you. :heart:
Love for you. :heart:


wooww!! amazing real life story and certainly you are indeed talented and you gonna go long way in this journey!!:clap::clap: All the best for that and keep inking and inspiring all of us!!:hugs::heart: Thanks for sharing this incident with all of us. :slight_smile::hugs:


:blush::blush::blush: thank you thank you… I was scared posting this…
Coz it looked like… self praising…

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Thank you so much. Lots of love for you mam,:heart::heart:

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Butterflies in my stomach :joy:… Thank you for your time and satisfying comment :heart:. It truely feels good reading this…

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Believing ourselves is not a crime or wrong.
It’s life and a better way of living life

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Pleasure is all mine dear…:slight_smile:

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