My ideal man

Your eyes are always looking at me
watching me day and night,
your ears are always ready to listen,
in my failures and heartaches, this young.

You are always there all the time,
who supports me and gives me hope,
your hands are always ready to help me,
to lift me up when I fall.

You are my ideal man, my idol,
the first man I’ve ever loved,
your understanding and forgiveness are countless,
and your love for me is unending.

I’m a daddy’s girl, a daddy’s pet,
that’s why I compare you to those men I have met.
I know it was unfair,
but I realized, no one could be like you.

My father, my ideal man, my idol,
I don’t know how to thank you,
I did not say it before, but I love you,
I cannot show it, but I care for you.

One thing I can promise you, my dad,
don’t worry, 'cause I never get tired of loving you,
I will take care of you,
even if you’re already old and grey.
I love you, papa!
miss you so much…

©Mari Felices

To my father Esteban S. Felices


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