My heart is just like a stone

I don’t know how to put this but when I came to this ward, with a heavy heart and a ticking clock, I found myself slowly drawn towards the after thoughts of my disease and progression towards the end. Negativity had taken over me and my thoughts would often wander in graveyard listening to the tunes of death as it danced around my bed, whispering in my ears. The seeds of bleakness had sprouted, the roots had grown deep into my bones and the willow of hopelessness had spread its branches far and wide. All this said, I was already a dead man who had given up on healing.

When I met you, you made me believe in things I never had time for in my entire life. As the clock was ticking and I restlessly waited for death to engulf me, you reminded me what living was like. Thanks to you, my last days have been the best days in thirty years of my life. I’ve lived the most in these last months. I’ve come to know the importance of everything I cherished. Thank you for reminding what childhood was like; a carefree life all about positivity and liveliness without worry and grief what future might bring. Same way, you counselled me towards healing, not only medically but more importantly, mentally and emotionally.

Painful to admit, I had no one beside me those days. You were my only constant support and in you, I’ve found a friend I had been missing out on all my life.

I wish you all the good in this world and after.

You go through this most of the time. I get it. The more I get it, I long not to get it anymore. This must be a great struggle to watch your patients die in front of your eyes after you have given them hope and courage to look at the beautiful things in life.

I wish you all the good and bright things in life. May you keep sowing the seeds of hope, courage and positivity in all the patients to come in coming years and let them experience the best of their time, no matter how short, in this mortal world. That would be my dying wish.


Highly impressed by your compositions… :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:
You are an amazing writer… :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Superb :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So beautiful. :heart:

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Hehehhe thank you so much :hugs: sweetie

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Thanks a ton