My friends

You see my friends. There all different. That what make them special. I called them my friends. There have different colors. So of them are straight. Something are gays . It doesn’t matter to me . There are mine friends. There come all different colors. Some speak English. Some speak different languages. There are my friends. There are all different Not one are the same. They have my back . I have there . Some are tall and are short. My friend are amazing people. You have to know them . There make this world a beautiful place . It doesn’t matter who you are . You are mine friends. But we don’t accept racism. We are all equal. It doesn’t matter where you come from. You just have to be your self. We live in negative world. When people judge everyone. I don’t see colors, race , see, size . We see the heart of people. That what make us special. When your heart is full with love. You can do anything. But when you heart is cold like ice . You will lose a lot. You will stand by yourself. Hate will never win . change your mind of thought. Don’t be that one who stand alone . Everyone need that one person in there life . Stop judge people around you. Look at your self first . My friends are not perfect. We fall and we make mistakes. That ok . We not support to be. We are not God. But we are God children. My friends come in everywhere. Many different people. We decorated the world. There alot people in this world. People are judge by everything. This world is full of judgment people. Before you judge my friends. Look yourself at mirror. Think what make you perfect. We all have are mistakes. We all are different. But we are all equal. We need to brings are friends us. Be supporter ever positive things there do . When your friends falls pick them up . Don’t let them stay down low . Do one kind things .Whash come nice . Be a friend to someone. Don’t let hate win . Be a friend to someone different. Said there name when there alive . Not when there die. Know there story. Make there stories have happy ending. So we can said all life matters and we all can be equal. There are friends. My world friends.



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