My Father

I wonder how he does it all !!
He wakes up in the morning
Start the water pump,
Goes to the kitchen
Put the milk on the gas to heat.
While the milk is heating,
He freshens up himself.
Then he makes tea for everyone.
We are still asleep,
Without having any clue whatsoever.
He then slowly wakes my mom up,
And when she is up
They both have tea together.
This has been the pattern
For many years.
After he is done with the tea,
He goes out and buy stuff
For our breakfast.
He doesn’t need a full platter
For his breakfast
He manages with a toast or two only.
But for us, he makes sure
We get eggs, bread, jam and what not.
He then wakes us up,
One by one.
We make faces and cover ourselves
But he knows its time for us to get up
Or we will get late for our jobs/college.
He is a live clock for my whole family.
It’s 8:30 and time for him to leave.
He works tirelessly as a labourer,
In the scorching sun,
In the cold breeze,
Sometimes even in the rain.
It must be really hard for him
But he never shows his pain.
He breaks down sometimes,
Yet he never blames it on his job.
He comes back
In the evening,
Smiling and joyful
As if he has won a battle
That glow in his eyes
When he sees us all safe
Makes me wonder
How can someone be so selfless!!!
I doubt myself
Whether I would be a father
As great as he is.
My father is the epitome of selfless
And unconditional love
And his love always endures.



Beautiful :blossom::blossom::blush:

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Love and respect! :heart:

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