My Faith

Few have faith in hard work
They don’t believe ample in fate
They never forfeit in front of destiny
Their strategies, policies and enactment
Merely works for them, they believe in it

Few have faith in lucky charm
Without their charm, they won’t step in
Charms like colour, bracelet, stone rings
Sometimes they found people as their charm
Every achievement comes because of those charms

Few have religious beliefs
Where one feels without doing hard work
He will get everything in this world
Such people always depend upon others
They will suffer much due to betraying their life

My faith, my trust and the truth for me
Hard work with your zeal
Faith in God as He decided my destiny
The path is shown to me is lead by Him
Work as worship not to earn things

Without thinking of failure and gain a victory
Without thinking ample about my success
Sometimes we work not to be successful
But to be an adequate human being
It leads to humanity without any compromises

© Shagufta K Qadri
September 2, 2020


Right. But I do believe in faith moves mountains

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Thank you dear. Everyone has different concept and acceptance. Appreciate yours.

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Great piece of writing. Keep inspiring. :heart:

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Thank you so much :heart:

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