My Dream Guy Is A Warrior

The shadow of a tall giant guy in my dreams,

Still makes me beckon to want him more,

Steady hands & head held high,

He Comes closer to bid a goodbye!

To have a walk beside the borderlines,

To feel the redolent smell of the soil

Encircled by some devoted soul,

To know more about the oozing patriotism,

Unfathomable dreams to touch the sky,

Incessant pride to love the nation,

& to sit beside him & freeze the moment

knowing the reasons behind his beguiling smile

Even after being tattooed with multiple wounds.

I’m sure he won’t hesitate,

& looking straight to my eyes, he’ll raise his voice,

Only some utterance including

‘Nation’ , ‘Love’ , ‘Dignity’ ,& ‘Pride’,

Will paint my canvas with some uncomprehended

Pride & his with, unconditional love!

Smokes,sands, storms & dusts;

He is inevitable for his tremendous valour.

Struggle, fight, blood & wound;

He never strolls around the battlefield.

Around the viscosity of dark fogs in winter night,

I saw him transparent with his ever-opened eyes!

Suddenly I lag behind in my dreams,

When he lands a kiss & vanishes like a forgotten mist,

I restlessly search him here & there,

But nothing reverts back without the echoes of guns,

A celestial serene turned into a massacre,

A massacre saw the most of a flood of blood,

With its each drop is engraved of soldiers’ name.

Some stammers & unclear murmurs

Come to a conclusion,

“They’re no more”, they say with a lower tone.

Still I don’t cry rethinking his chants,

He tells he’s a name, unerasable & indomitable,

Recalling him with tears won’t be justifiable.

The shadow of a valiant soul,

Still makes me sizzle to take one glance of him,

To tell how legitimate he was as a beloved,

To show how much I’ve prayed for his return,

& to hug him for the sacrifice

He thought was a piece of cake!

I wish I can again meet him over the borders,

& tell him he was omnipotent, at least for his mother,

The mother he hugged running just after

Getting splintered with the rounds of bullets,

The mother whose lap was the only thing where

He closed his heavy-lidded eyes forever

& the mother who vowed a kiss

For her most precious boy to bid a goodbye.

The shadow of that uniquely uniformed soldier

Who has a cologne of his own dire aura,

Yes, I felt for him in the very first glimpse,

& proudly say the guy is a warrior who colours my dream.



:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wow
a lot are there in line for you :wink:


Nailed it