Move On

Every day I struggle with them,
Every day I try to delete them,
But every day it becomes more firm,
But a hope of fulfilment still burns!

Darken are my nights,
Guarded by your knights,
Daily they get stronger and hard,
Every where lies your play cards!

When I try to trust someone,
My mind reminds me of your fun,
Harder I try to hate you,
Stronger my love becomes for you!

But still I am strong enough to hide it,
I am strong enough to ignore your shit,
And I am strong enough to move on,
I am strong enough because I am born!

I bravely came to this world,
Not to become a sheep of your herd,
I am strong to leave your ditch,
This is my heart and I can stitch!!

-Alveera Hafeez


Some bold emotions and words

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amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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@navjyotsingh.rajput thank you

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@Ravi_Vashisth tysm

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