Mother's principles

In the childhood, I used to wake up late and was all day lazy.
I still didn’t feel active, couldn’t study and my world was hazy.
I tried doing something, due to improper attention,
wasn’t able to do it & would start blaming God and acting crazy.

My mother said you need to understand your priorities in life.
Your mind needs a lot of education, it becomes blunt after sometime,
and needs to be sharpened daily like a knife.
Be punctual, aspire to be a better person each day and to serve others, you must thrive.

Discipline brings out the best in you and makes you perfect.
In my first meeting, I win everyone’s hearts and leave an everlasting effect.
I patiently listen to everyone’s problems, become a friend and develop a deep connect.
The education has transformed my life and now I can differentiate,
between what is wrong & what is correct.

Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something,
inspite of how you feel, over and over until it becomes a habit.
Writings has taught me discipline, if I don’t write for one day,
I feel like I am missing something and in my heart and soul it inhabits.

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