Mother earth

Baring weight of worst scars,
Hoping humanity to exist,
Known to give every ounce of love,
It’s that mother earth we need to save.

Facing the most destructive and most calm,
Feeling their strikes to result for prosperity,
Exist in every scar to heel,
It’s that mother earth we must have to save.

Not that we can’t make it possible,
We humans can recognise how to balance the systems,
It’s only making strong commitments rather than fool hearty talks,
Mother earth needs it’s children to step up before that fale prediction of misbalance.

There is strong move that has risen above,
A symbol of togetherness is trying to come back,
Humans must represent bond to their loving prophecies,
Mother earth will require things to be in balance with a strong global smack…


very strong, impressive post
i like it a lot

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