Moments together

In dark streets, everything quiet,
Masked faces hovering to survive,
In unknown cities while that child walked on,
He remembered those moments together.

IN empty shops, no voices,
Lamps no more visible far beyond,
While that wandering continued on moving feet,
The child continued to count those moments together.

His great father mentioning how things would change,
People, lives and all on one side,
Moments together continue to revive,
That child who would now have to play a role in fight against Corona.

His honorary father expressing the looming concerns,
Nights, darkness and visibility of thoughts all distant,
Moments together will help concentrate,
For that child who remember them when he wants strength…


Beautifully Penned :heart:

Beautiful! :heart:

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Yeah it was nice feeling typing it out.

Very nice @saurabhpant94 :+1:

Thanks for your words

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