Mom you are my favorite star for who you are!

The bond I share with her can never be served
For nine months I grew inside her womb like a soul
Now that I’m grown up, I happened to be her most precious soul

I thank her to go through all the pain during my birth
Just to bring me on this earth
And would never let her pain go in vain

I can never compensate anything with her love and care towards me
She has nurtured to sustain me from both inside and out

With the beauty of her heart, she taught me how to talk
With the grace in her style, she taught me how to walk

She’s the one who cares for me regardless of my age
And the only one who will never let my laugh fade

No matter how many mistakes I do
She will never turn her back on me, for whatever I do

She’s just like a ray of light in my life
To guide me in every walk of life
Just like the sun and moon, day and night

She always told me to dream
The only one who can hear my heart, the moment I scream
She will always be there whenever I’m in need
She’s the one who taught me to do good deeds

We both have laughed and cried in the journey of life
No matter what’s been thrown on our way to strive

She has always been my side, by doing the best she could
Even when she was not in a mood to cook, she gave me the best food
The love, strength, and care that she shares
In this world, it’s quite very rare

She taught me never to give up on hope to succeed
Even when the times were tough and hard
She was the one who taught me to go through it all, yard by yard

Without her advise and ultimate sacrifice
Without her support, I would have never succeeded

She’s the strength to raise my family right
By holding on to everyone really tight

I thank her for all the praises whenever I prevailed
And supporting and understanding me whenever I failed

The moment she feels that she’s all alone
I promise to be her chaperone
Mom you are my favorite star for who you are!


Mother’s love is extraordinary, caring, etc
Nicely written

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Thank you

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Beautifully written :heart:

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Thank you dear :star_struck:

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Beautiful. :heart:

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