Miss You Daddy!

How did you feel Daddy?
What happened there?
You are a fighter, we know,
Then, Why did you give up ?

You must have felt so lonely,
None of us could be by your side,
We too tested positive for the virus,
And had to be home quarantined !

I know you were never alone,
But, this Covid 19 wants it that way,
It is ruling over us and not letting us,
To be our own normal selves !

How helpless, we were that week,
You in hospital and we at home,
Not able to reach you at times,
Even on the telephone !

Forgive us, we were helpless,
We couldn’t come to comfort you,
To take care or be by your side,
Even on the last day of your life !

Feel some comfort that Mona met you,
Even though it was for a very little while,
Glad Joel was here, to insist on the test,
And take us to the hospital & everything else!

I thought you would definitely get better,
Like every other time, you were sick,
You would fight it out and get back home,
I would nurse you to health, being by your side !

Now I know, age wasn’t by your side,
You were too tired and weak to fight,
This virus is our enemy,
Which we will dread all our lives !

Love you Daddy, Words can’t express,
You just vanished too quickly,
Just can’t think you aren’t amongst us,
Feel your presence and love, it’s always with us !


Beautifully Penned :sparkles:

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Thank you for going through :pensive: @Wordsbyritti

Love. :heart:

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Love @unknown_soul :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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