-Alveera Hafeez

Billions of mind in this world,
Some are heard and some unheard,
Some are private and some public,
Some are clear and some fumbling.

They are different from each other,
Even different from their father-mother,
But if the influence is great,
Creativity and curiosity tends to degrade.

If limits are imposed on the minds,
Then beautiful and powerful thinking grinds,
Lively and joyful feelings get lost,
New ideas and innovations get frost.

When people curb the thinking with terms and conditions,
And telling us that they are our old and pure traditions,
Voices and logics when lose their way,
Humanity can no more continue to stay.

The minds blinded with fears and glory,
Such blindness can even corrupt the jury,
Without broadness and wideness on your brain,
You are actually pushing yourself in a deadly drain!

Use your brain for everything,
Otherwise it will start to stink!



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Really good! :heart:

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Thank you so much!!

Thank you dear!!:heart::heart: