Mind emperor

Once upon a mistake, was roaming around
There was a being of sole shame
A soul detached from human fame
It wandered trough the social coast
Figuring out what makes one a host

The being fell into the depths of its ill
Struggling to maintain the free will
For all of its striving was not to strive
The being then questioned being alive
The first rule was simple to entertain,
The pretender would not fail to feign
For he has a simple idea of the sights
And a still heart for all human delights
The second rule is a poem for the weak
How human despair has reached its peak,
How unappreciated a simple mind can be
Left it to its beginnings, left it all for me!
With rules established the way they are
The being of all had a filled up reservoir
It shook off its armor of outer reflection
Dedicating its days to the art of detection.


You are just too good at choosing words and bring them in rhythm. :heart: Keep on writing these beautiful pieces. :revolving_hearts:


Thank you so much :hugs: