Mere Piece of Paper

Mere Piece of Paper!
-Alveera Hafeez

Should we be disappointed,
For a mere piece of paper?
Or try to get up and;
Set on again for the new flavour.

Life is colourful, we all know,
But it makes us upset when it’s colours glow,
High in the mind low at heart,
Thinking everyone is our foe.

We need someone just to hold our hearts,
We don’t need advices, we actually need a soul,
Who listen to us calmly and sweetly,
Who let us pour out our feelings as a whole.

Someone who understands the pain,
The endurance and the emotions,
Everybody says that you did well,
But listen to our brain’s notation.

The time passes by and no one’s gonna remember,
Just my old self and new self,
Only they will remember that there was a year,
And that paper made me think myself as a mere elf!