Memory game


All of my memories
Added to all of yours,
Become our memories
Forever and evermore.

What all you have did
Plus what you will do,
Will equal to what I did
If you times it by two.

Divide what is left in half
Because there’s two of us,
But the answer that we get
We might have to discuss.

Oh I am older than you are
And you are younger than me,
So I have done awhole lot more
That’s not to hard to believe.

So everyone of your memories
Plus all of my memories too,
Make for alot more memories
For both me and for both you.

Now add that last grand total
And now see what you have got,
Yes that’s just like I thought
Man that sure is a heck of alot.

I have so many memory problems
It’s so much easier just to forget,
The memories are jammed in there
Inside of my brain’s little cassette.

It’s a real good thing that it is there
Cause I do forget things awhole lot,
And if it wasn’t for all of my memories
My whole cassette would be a blank spot.



So so great
You are just awesome :heart_eyes: @Twisha_Ray

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Thank you so much :hugs:

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